Hi, welcome to the ChonksO’Clock blog! Your one-stop blog showing you how to live your best life!

I am Cindy, but some of my friends call me ‘Chonks’, which is actually a short form of my Igbo name ‘Chonkechukwu”. Fun fact, that name is unique and special as I have never heard of any Nigerian bearing that name. Please don’t go stealing it for your daughters LOL!

So, let me give you background information about who Chonks is. She is Nigerian, born and bred, but now resides in Maryland, USA. She is a fashion enthusiast, content creator, globe-trotter, lover of all things luxury, and a full-time Emergency Room Nurse by night. As much as she is very passionate about Nursing, she is also very passionate about exploring the world and doing so in STYLE, hence, the motivation behind starting this blog.

In this blog, she will be sharing all things Fashion, from style inspirations to travel adventures and luxury living. In a like manner, she is a virtual stylist and an online personal shopper. Her goal as your stylist is to help you define your personal style, by identifying your body type and guiding you through the process of building a perfect wardrobe. Notwithstanding your age or location, as your stylist, she will make it all happen for you.

I am very delighted to have you here on this journey with me! And I cannot wait to show you all that I have in store for this blog.

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