10 Best Instagrammable Spots to Visit in Tulum

Before I dive into sharing all the beautiful spots in Tulum I visited, let me tell you that Tulum is just a Beauty! Tulum is truly a different kind of ‘unreal’ you will have to experience yourself. The palm trees, the beaches, and the alluring architecture draw you in; you will definitely fall in love with the boho-chic vibes. If you have been to Tulum, you can easily see why it is a dream destination for many people, especially bloggers or content creators.

I just couldn’t help but wonder how such a small looking town embodies so many attractions. Tulum sure deserves more than one trip. I would totally visit again when I have a chance to because there is still so much to see. Here are my “Instagram worthy’ spots that are top on my lists as a ‘must see’ when in Tulum.


Located right on Tulum beach are Cocotulumhotel and beach bar. A white Pinterest dream that is absolute perfection. If you are looking for a beach vacation with great ambiance, check this out. This is one of the best spots in Tulum. I stayed in the Coco Tulum hotel during my trip and I totally enjoyed my stay here. Coco Tulum offers a beach bar and grill; you can spend half day here soaking up the sun and enjoying the ocean views while sipping on their signature cocktails. The white swings lie next to the ocean side and make for an incredible Instagram pic. Going on a solo trip to Tulum? check out my travel guide HERE.

Swings at Coco Tulum Bar
The Lobby at Coco Tulum


Matcha Mama is a lovely little spot and is such a vibe! I enjoyed the Acai Berry smoothie bowl there; let me say, the smoothie bowl was refreshing and delicious for a hot day. The menu had fresh-squeezed juices, vegan ice cream, and smoothie bowls. The café is little and charming, with seating swings outside and some seating at the rear of the café. Everything about this spot is screaming ‘content’; from the cute smoothie bowls to the ‘I love Tulum so Matcha’ sign on a surfboard. Matcha Mama is both Instagram and food heaven. Be sure to stop by on your next Tulum adventure.

Matcha Mama, Tulum Beach


Vagalume Beach club is a must-see when in Tulum. It captivates you with its extremely unique design, beautiful atmosphere, and stunning sea views. The outdoor beach area is made for relaxing after enjoying one of the favorite dishes off their menu. The most aesthetically pleasing part of Vagalume is the bridge right in front of the restaurant held together by a hand. Vagalume is definitely an incredible spot for pictures.

Beach Restaurant with Ocean View at Vagalume
The Bridge in Vagalume
The Vibes at Vagalume


Sfer.Ik is a contemporary art center/ museum in Azulik Hotel, Tulum. One word for architecture in this spot is ‘incredible’. If you do not go anywhere else in Tulum as a content creator, you must see this art museum; it is unmissable. It is uniquely crafted to heighten your experience of both the art and the space. It is dreamy and surreal. Shoes, cameras, or tripods are not allowed in this museum, but if you have someone to take pictures of you with a phone, then you are good.



As I walked down the South beach road in Tulum, I had to stop by when I passed the extravagance entrance at Ahau Tulum Beach Hotel. Its heavenly entry makes it iconic and an Instagram dream! Tons of tourists were lined up here, taking turns to take a picture. The structure is of a female torso of Ven a la Luz, or ‘Come into the Light’. No wonder it makes for a great Instagram shot; I just couldn’t resist taking a picture here. It comes as no surprise that this spot is incredibly popular on Instagram.

Sadly, as of September 2021, this sculpture was taken down from this location and is said to be moved to a different location. Read all about it Here


If you are into raw vegan food, then Raw Love Cafe is for you. For me, I went to the beach bar here and to say, the drinks I had were tasty. The atmosphere was beautiful; it sits right on a beachfront, making it a perfect spot for relaxation.

Love yourself at the beach in Raw Love


This is a cute little bar serving organic/vegan ice cream. Surprisingly, the ice cream here was tasty for a non-vegan like me. Maybe I am a little biased, but I just love ice cream. Lol. It is located right across the street from Vagalume, you can’t miss it. The turquoise ‘tuk-tuk’ will capture your heart.


Just another cute spot and of course I stopped for some gelato. It was definitely Yum!

Outdoor seating at Ri-Am

Worthy Mentions

9. Follow that dream’ sign: I drove past this sign multiple times but never had the chance to stop for a shot. It is located right on the street by the Lolita Lolita Tulum boutique.

10. Pablo Escobar Mansion – Casa Malca: This luxury boutique hotel and restaurant is very popular among Instagrammers. Very well known as Pablo Escobar’s former mansion. It was on my list to see but I didn’t make it there on this trip. Definitely, #1 on my list when next I visit Tulum.

Tulum is perhaps one of the most Instagrammable places ever and I look forward to visiting again soon. Until then, I hope you find this post helpful on your next adventure in Tulum.

Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments if you have visited Tulum or if Tulum is on your travel wishlist.

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